International Security Officer Day 2021

It was the International Security Officers Day and it is the one day where security officers around the world should be recognised.

Security Officers are a member of a fraternity of protectors that are under-valued, under paid and misunderstood.

They are expected to work long hours and in shift patterns that make having a social life hard. Further to this they are abused, ridiculed, harrassed and in some cases hospitalised.

While in the main they aim to be part of a corporate site where the risk of injury to themselves is lower they want to go home to their families in one piece.

Many officers have colourful histories and are not from the UK. Some have been to university and have a higher level of education than most domestic Brits. They are doing the job in the UK to make money for their families or support themselves.

Security Officers are seen as low educated and only doing it as they are foreign or were kicked out of school or failed police officers. Nothing could be more from the truth.

The reason for this post is because they have one day of appreciation, bit like a birthday. However, security companies have taken this day to brand and push their logo to celebrating the day and dilute the message. IT ISN'T ABOUT YOU.

I recommend companies just fall back on this day and not take centre stage.

If you see a security officer make some time to speak to them as you never know what you will learn. Granted they will probably greet you with a little suspicion as they aren't used to it, but once the barriers are down then you will be fine. Security Officers are people with feelings and emotions like the rest of us.

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